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Louis Gossett, Jr. – NAACP “Rekindle the Fire” event in Los Angeles

Louis Gossett, Jr. spoke to an attentive crowd at the NAACP “Rekindle the Fire” event in Los Angeles.

Louis_Gossett_Jr_eracism_Foundation_NAACP_Rekindle_The_Fire_photo_3 Louis_Gossett_Jr_eracism_Foundation_NAACP_Rekindle_The_Fire_photo_2 Louis_Gossett_Jr_eracism_Foundation_NAACP_Rekindle_The_Fire_photo_1

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  1. Louis Gossett, Jr. is humbly Ernest in his vision of eradicating racism. His foundation is on point in educating our youth about equalization between all races and creeds. Celebrity Scene News.

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