Louis Gossett, Jr.

Louis Gossett, Jr.

I am dedicating the last quadrant of my life to an all-out conscientious offensive against racism.

“Violence is a war, and the energy we exert on war, I would like to pray that energy gets reverted back to a communal effort to save the planet. So perhaps in my own small way I can generate some energy toward the salvation of the planet because when we win a war we win a dying planet.”

To quote Carleen Brice, from Walk Tall,

“We who have been imprisoned, violated, cheated and denied feel justified in hating those who actively try to oppress us.

Our World is full of hate – music lyrics, movies, and the evening news deliver images of people fighting and killing out of hatred. Police stations in most major cities even have ‘hate crime’ divisions that monitor racist groups bent on destruction.

Racist, sexist, and other oppressive attitudes are repugnant and loathsome, and we should not accept them. But violence and rage do not lead to positive social change. Love, truth, and honor are powerful forces that no amount of hate can withstand.

Loving your enemies does not mean smiling while a bigot insults you. Loving your enemies means acknowledging that nothing beneficial comes from hatred. Mahatma Gandhi demonstrated that change comes not through hate but through love. Martin Luther King Jr. started his movement hoping to redeem America’s soul. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu broke South Africa’s system of apartheid using the same principles. Like these great leaders, we can put our hatred aside and fight wrongs.

I unlock my heart and release hatred. With a serene and loving mind, I attack injustice.”